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Kids Music 'n' Kids Coins, a GREAT combination!

Having raised a spirited child and working with gifted children who showed great promise, I have been encouraged to create a program for young children that would help to answer the many questions parents have about parenting.  I recognize the need for children to be understood, and to understand themselves.  The every day complications of life are too often in the way of us spending quality time with our children, and finding simple ways to do that is why Kids Coins were created.

A message from Janet LaCroix, creator of Kids Coins

I wanted someone to know what a miracle The Kids Coins Programs has been in my house. My son was becoming one of those children you see on talk shows-no kidding! Time-out, loss of privileges, spanking? You name it--we tried it. Every day turned into this hysterical battle of wills. The very first day I got the program out and sat down with my two children, they "got it"! We've been doing it for a little while, and my son came into the bedroom this morning when he first woke up and said, "Hey, Mom! We're not going to see Testy today? Just Playful". (I'm Feeling Coins)

We have been so amazed and blessed by this program. Instead of being a battle of wills, Kids Coins have given my son control over his actions and emotions and has brought out the best in him. Philip is a "new man." I was stressed out every day before I started using The Kids Coins Program. I wish I hadn't been so slow in getting it going. We are using the program every morning and evening.

Summer and Philip have started doing things like make beds, pick-up toys, set the table, etc... without my asking because being a helper without being asked always gets a Gold Coin. They made their beds and cleaned up the breakfast dishes just so they could come tell me they had been 'special helpers'. They're really getting this whole concept of being responsible for themselves in a kind and helpful way.

The fight at night is now over because I take 6 coins that apply to winding down the day plus two "I'm Feeling Coins (usually Friendly and Playful) and tell them they must be Friendly and/or Playful while we do these last things to earn Goldie at the end of the day.

Both children have earned all five Gold Coins each day this week. They are now pointing out "I was a Dancer, today." "I was an Artist today at school"! They LOVE it!  The reward this week is $2 to spend at the Dollar Tree after church on Sunday.

Next week we're going to the public park to play. My son's pre-school teacher stopped me to tell me that Philip had been "so changed this week. He must be getting used to things." I told her about starting Kids Coins and how it removes the battle between parent and child and places the responsibility solely on the child. I am AMAZED at how immediate the dynamics with the child change.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for this change in my home!

Philip was expelled from Kindergarten 4, mid November, 2005.The Kids Coins Programs have been reintroduced into the How family.

Holly and Schuler How - Sylacauga, Alabama

Case Study

Kids  Coins is  a  complete  program.   Parents  know  what they need to do to direct children, but do not do it. The Kids Coins program  puts it all together for them. These are good ideas and ideals, the Coins are cute and fun and the program is inexpensive. This program  is  excellent  for  children  and  parents.”


Alison Wimmer, B.S. - Program developer, Human Services

The National Association of Child Development, Ogden, Utah


Kids Coins provide a fun, engaging way for children to develop internal cues to guide their decision making process and help them to understand the impact of their actions while giving adults a common frame of reference to discuss needs /expectations. Nurturing children into people of integrity is more challenging today than ever. Kids Coins makes it fun and meets the needs of the growing demand  for quality programs."  -Sally Bacchetta, BS Webster, NY - writer/psychologist/consultant 


“Great job on this program!   The  Kids  Coins  Show was our best attended Kids Club events ever!  The  show  was  engaging, entertaining, displayed good values and positive messages. It   was  a  quality  production enjoyed  by  the  children”.    

                          - Peggy Hayes, Marketing Director-Twelve Oaks Mall, Novi, MI

“The  Kids  Coins  Show  teaches  children  how to be good, have fun with their feelings and know what they want to be when they grow up. This is a great show”.                                                   - Metro Parent Magazine, Southfield, MI


“It was a pleasure to have you on our show. My boys, aged 3 and 6 love Kids Coins! Kids Coins encourages children to learn new skills and changes their behavior. The programs  give  parents  that  struggle  with their children to accomplish tasks something to  motivate them with.  Research shows these programs work  for children making them mentally  healthier  and  happier.  Children  identify  the  emotions  they  are  feeling and change  their  behavior  to  earn  a  Coin.   Kids  Coins  helps  busy  parents."

Pallas Hupe, Parent 2 Parent Fox 2 News

"Kids Coins is an excellent program for children! I have been a preschool teacher since 1986, and I have never seen anything like Kids Coins, or any program that covered so many  area s of  child  development.   The  Kids  Coins  Show was educational and very entertaining.  The  children  were  enthralled  with the  music  and  the  program and continue to  ask  for  the materials  and  songs.   This  was  a  professional  production."

Rita Stone, B.S. pre-school teacher, Head Start

“I   was  very  impressed  with  the  passion  Janet  showed  for  children.  After attending The Kids Coins Show, our three children aged 2,3 and 5 really enjoyed singing along with the fun and motivating music and lyrics and the  idea  of  earning  Coins .  The  Kids Coins program has great potential to inspire children to do good things, to dream big and trust God with their lives

Gina Wessel,  Music Coordinator Brighton Nazarene Church

"Kids Coins has motivated my children to better behavior! I have seen dramatic long term improvements. I love that Kids Coins is so versatile for children with different goals, personalities and ages. As a  pediatric speech language pathologist, I can say Kids Coins would be a great tool for OT, PT & Speech therapists or others who work with special needs children.                                     Christine Goll, Fort Myers, Florida


After  running  an  in-home  daycare  for  22 years,   I was  presented an opportunity to work with  two  physically  abused  children.  I had exhausted  all known techniques to get simple  tasks completed with a very  aggressive  and angry three year  old.  The  disruption caused  with the other children took all of my  energy and  left little for the rest of the  children.

Before  Kids  Coins  were available, I called to see if I could get a trail  program. After receiving the program,  we  went to work immediately!  Another  child aged two years  that I had  privately nicknamed  "The Wild Child"  was in a family with no discipline and lots of screaming.  Both boys loved  Kids  Coins!  Presenting  the I Can Do It  Coins gave them a plan to follow,   visual  reinforcement  and a chance to earn a star.  The first  afternoon brought amazing  results.

Both  boys referred to  the Coins to see what  was coming next. One Star  and Two Star  quickly  became  prized possessions  and they wanted to know when they would get  "Goldie".  The smile on the three year olds'  face when he was able to tell his mom that he got  "Goldie"  told me that I finally found a way to get through to him without all the distrust he felt for so many other people.

I'm Feeling Coins  brought the next big breakthrough.  There were many things in his  background that caused  anger and distrust.  He never talked about his feelings, just acted on the frustrations they created.  I could not hold his hand without  him wanting to hit or rage  verbally.  Feeling Coins gave him  a visual link  to the  feeling  that was  named on the Coin. After  presenting and explaining the Feeling Coins,  he  immediately told me that  he wanted to pick out his feelings.  He picked out the So Sad  Coin  and  proudly  displayed it.  I  asked him why he had picked the  Coin and he was able to  tell  me  that  he  didn't  know  why he was sad.  Each time he picks a Feeling Coin, we are now able  to discuss why he picked that specific Coin.  A  few  weeks  later he surprised me and picked the  Lovable Coin.  He  told  me  that  he picked it because "Goldie loved Him". So Sad and Testy are  his  favorite Coins,  but not as often.  He can  now express many  different ways that he feels.

For over a  year, Kids Coins has given me a very good way  to deal with problem behavior as well as  normal  behavior in the children that I care for.  The children love to have their tasks and activities laid out and can't  wait  to  receive  their Gold Coins  and  "Goldie".  The children love all the  songs and are an excellent reinforcement.  It  is very  encouraging  to hear three year old children telling each other to "try harder"  instead of yelling or hitting. 

Without Kids Coins, the three year old boy would have been removed from my program. He is still here and making great progress.

Sincerely Yours,    Susan Gail Kelly, owner    

WeeWalkers Daycare, Milan, MI  


Jacob is now 7, Joey is 6, Madison is 4 and Jimmy is 3 Madison picks up The I'm Feeling Coins and talks about them and even plays school with them and tells her "students" what each one represents. It's pretty cute and neat to hear her comprehension of each emotion. Kids Coins helped keep her focused on what "tasks" would be accomplished that particular day (as sometimes they would change which she would be aware of because of the chart).  She was able to look at the picture coins and know that she needed to make her bed, etc in order to get her Gold Coins and at the end of the day would be evaluated on her efforts.  It really helped her to focus and helped me to minimize my control of her responsibilities because she was then able to take control herself.  Once again, thank you for caring about children- your efforts in this area are much appreciated!


I just wanted to take a minute this morning to thank you for putting Kids Coins in our hands! From the time we got the music CD and popped it into the car the kids thought it was fun music so I continued to play it whenever we drove into town. Not long after, I began to hear Maddie singing the songs to her babies and then Jacob and Joey were singing along in the card as well. Jimmy (who is only 18 months old) would kick his feet in his car seat and clap his hands so I knew this was something that was catching on. Once we got onto the computer and checked out the Kids Coins website we were just as excited! The coloring page is perfect for Maddie and the boys play the memory game together.

I recently put the display in Maddie's room behind her door and chose a few of the coins that I thought she could easily master and a few that we needed to work on with her (such as nap time) and explained how we were going to use it with her. She has loved knowing that it was her chart and her "duties" and nap time has not been a battle because she knows she is obeying and earning a gold coin when her afternoon activities are accomplished (nap time included!!)

I just had to let you know that I am excited to use this program with my 4 kids (and I'm using it differently for each child) and that being a child development major and former kindergarten teacherI pray your idea gets in the right hands because it could be a real blessing to many families and organizations that utilize it.    Thanks again!   

Missy and Mike Muzjakovich Kingsley, MI
(and Jacob, Joey, Madison and Jimmy, too!!!)

I just wanted to tell you what a great tool you've created! I have four children under the age of five who just adore Kids Coins! They look forward every morning to see what I've planned out for their day. Even though they can't read yet, by looking at the descriptive and creative pictures, they know exactly what they have to do in order to earn their first gold coin of the day. Kids Coins has helped us give structure to our day and a consistent routine that all kids need and thrive on. It has also set up a standard of expectations of what will happen when they chose not to do their tasks, and gives positive reinforcement to see that they follow through.

The I'm Playing coins have led to creative play and the I'm Feeling coins have helped my son with some learning disabilities put a label on his feelings without the acting out behavior he would have otherwise used. All of them LOVE the music that goes with Kids Coins and ask to play it over and over again.

As a special education teacher and adoptive mom of five young children- (soon to be seven!) THANK YOU!         

Sincerely,   Kim Green-Brighton, MI


THIS IS A PHENOMENAL PROGRAM, WONDERFUL TOOL AND A GREAT IDEA FOR FAMILIES! I bought The Kids Coins Program at a childcare seminar. The difference in my kids is great and they are thrilled with it.


I am using Kids Coins with a 4 year old and 7 year old. My 7 year old son has a caloric personality and he is a very difficult child to raise. He is very in- dependent. He will not do anything unless it is his idea. He wants instant gratification and is a perfectionist. In order for him to do anything I have to give him a dollar.  Kids Coins is the ONLY program I have used that works!

My son knows he gets a star after he does something and he is proud of him accomplishments. His stars are his reward and he is satisfied with them. He looks forward to earning them with pride. I no longer have to give him a dollar or anything else. He has learned that it is okay to make a mistake. I am going to start a day care center and I will recommend that all parents in my program use the Kids Coins Program with their children at home.             

Heather Ireland-Brighton, MI


My daughter is three years old.. I am using the Kids Coins program to help her to learn how to brush her teeth, get dressed, go potty, etc. I am using three Coins at a time. She receives her stars week to week, according to her behavior. By the time she is four, she will be doing all the activities and we will be using all of the Coins. She loves to hold on to the Coins and play with them! She also dances all around to the songs! We like Kids Coins!

Stacy Brice Machesney- Park, Ill.

I learned about Kids Coins from a close friend. My daughers were excited the moment they saw them! We use Kids Coins as a schedule for our day and a reward chart. The kids are so motivated by checking to see 'what comes next" and if they have earned a Gold Coin. It has particularly helped our morning routine. Kids Coins has definitely been a blessing in our lives and we happily recommend it to all of our friends! 

April Eisele, Colorado