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Kids Music 'n' Kids Coins, a GREAT combination!



                               For ages 3 and Up

Early Learning Kids Fun Pictures, Games and Music

Kids Coins are fun for kids!

You will love handing out Gold Coins in your classroom.


I Can Do It Coins teach responsibility

I'm Playing Coins teach kids role playing

             I'm Feeling Coins teach kids about their feelings.


What Can Kids Coins Do for your kids?   

  • Reinforce structure using colorful pictured Coins and fun music

  • Children earn GOLD STARRED COINS by completing activities

  • Children have fun learning about their feelings

  • Career Education Character Coins teach children roles

  • Teaches kids, I CAN DO IT MYSELF
  • Helps them meet daily goals
  • Builds character
  • Helps increase self-esteem and confidence


What Could Kids Coins do for You?
Provide teaching tools for:


  • Daily responsibility and task completion training
  • Career Education
  • Behavior management
  • Emotional reinforcement


Pick one or more the I Can Do It Coins for your group activity.

Songs are: I Can Do It and A Time For Everything


   Reward children with Gold Coins and The Winner Coin


     SPECIAL COINS help children behave
  • Songs: Try Harder, Goldie Is My Friend
  • and I See Gold Coins 
Kids Coins can be used any time of the day with any school program
  • Kids can learn to "Listen and Be Good"
  • Kids have fun listening to the music at "Music Time"


I'm Feeling Coins

     Compatible song is The Kids Coins Happy Song
  • Talk about the faces on the Coins as children choose Coins
  • Encourage children to talk about the way they feel


I'm Playing Coins

Songs are Kids Coins Show Me and The Kitty Cat Song
  • Help children identify the character on the Coins
  • during Career Education time   
  • Help them choose what they would like to play during playtime


School Reward Suggestions

  Getting a special treat at play time

•  Reading a special story

•  Viewing a special video • Have a pizza party

• Make English muffins with toppings

•  Making no-bake cookies

  •  Playing a special game 

•  Silly hat day •  Playing with a parachute •  Blowing bubbles  

• Make popcorn •  Have a PJ party (Bring a buddy)

  •  Show and tell

•  Bring your favorite toy to school   •  Guinea Pig/Bunny Rabbit Day

•  Classroom Beach Party  •  Backwards day-mix up cloths

•  Photo Day-a parent or teacher can take pictures

•  Talent Day

•  Camp Out Day -camp out in classroom with tent and flashlight

•  Parent Day-Parents bring a special recipe to cook/share a talent

    /bring in a sewing project or ceramics  •  Face painting day 

•  Woodworking Day-

A parent or Home Depot agent can help make birdhouses 

•  Sticker day-everyone brings in stickers they like

•  Rainbow Day-wear every color of the rainbow Snow cone Day

•  Go on a field trip-bowling/visit a bakery/a farm/an apple orchard

    /the zoo/the park/a retail store/ McDonalds or Burger King

    /The Dairy Queen/The Dollar Store/a gymnastic school

Ways to raise support for special rewards

•  The School Nutritional Activity Fund 

•  The School Field Trip Fund

•  Parent and Grandparent Donations


Kids Coins® are parent and teacher tools -

an early child development educational learning tool for children,

Life Skills kindergarten readiness tool,

children's character building and teaching tool, children's behavior tool,

family and group participation fun game and incentive tool,

preschool preparation tool, positive children's mental health tool:


For family learning, child achievement, child learning,

child growth, child incentives, teaching career education and role playing, 

role modeling, child motivation, emotional reinforcement,

positive behavior modification, for autistic and special needs children:


Inspires group play, daily goal winning, creative play, children's

emotional awareness, feeling development, structured play

and routine development, good habits, family/child/adult communication:

Uses inspirational children's music and children's songs, fun children's programs, tokens, pictures, characters, I Can Do It Coins, Gold Coins,

Special Coins, I'm Playing Coins, I'm Feeling Coins, and Character Coins