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    Early Learning Fun Pictures and Music

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More Fun Ways to pass the day!   

"I Can Do It" Coins  Gold Coins  Special Coins 


Sit at a table with your children.

Separate Kids Coins into three categories:

"I Can Do It" Coins      Gold Coins      Special Coins    

Encourage children to read the names on the coins.

Present "I Can Do It" Coins one at a time.

Ask children to identify the pictures.

Help them to complete their tasks and activities.

 Present Gold Coins.

Ask children to identify the number and color of the stars.

One Star-Two Star-Three Star-Four Star-and Goldie Five Star.

Direct children to count their Gold Coins

as tasks and activities are completed,

letting them know they have earned them.

Trade Coins in for a special reward.

Present Special Coins.

Ask children to identify the color and meaning of each coin:

Try Harder, Time Out, Helper, Winner and Good Fruits.

Ask children questions:

How can you Try harder?  How do you feel about Time Out?

What can you do to be a Good Helper?

Do you like to be a Winner?  What is a Good Fruit?

"I'm Feeling" Coins   

Act out the faces on the coins  

Look in the mirror and copy the faces

Sing the "Kids Coins Happy Song".
Present the "I'm Feeling" Coins one at a time.

Ask children to choose the faces on the Coins

that identify with the way they feel.
Encourage children to talk about the way they feel.
Help children to understand what the faces represent.

"I'm Playing" Coins


Have Fun Playing What You Want To Be!

Sing, Play, Dance, Draw, Make Up Stories,

Be an Actor or an Actress!

Play charades by acting out the characters on the coins!

Sing the "Kids Coins Show Me" Song

and "The Kitty Cat Song"!

Present "I'm Playing" Coins one at a time.

Ask children to identify the characters

and what they would like to be

Ask children to identify people who are like the characters

QUICK and EASY ways to use Kids Coins:

•  Make your child a "special helper" with the Helper Coin

Choose a special task or activity using "I Can Do It" Coins

   Reward your child by giving them Goldie Five Star.

 • Use Goldie and reward children by helping them choose

  the "I'm Feeling" Coin that best describes how they feel.

• Help children choose an "I'm Playing" and "I'm Feeling" Coin.

Ask them to decide how they feel while they are playing a role.  Reward them using Gold Coins.

      •  When children have been engaged in successful play,

               reward them with a Gold Coin.     

   Have fun finding your own easy ways to use Kids Coins


  More Ways to use Kids Coins 




The Kids Coins Song Collection CDreinforces Kids Coins.

Kids enjoy learning and singing the fun motivational songs.

"I Can Do It" Coins show children

their daily tasks and activities 

"Gold Coins" earn  rewards

"Special Coins" encourage positive behavior

"I'm Feeling" Coins help children to express their feelings

"I'm Playing" Coins direct children into role playing


                  As children complete tasks and activities,

     choose feelings and creative play, they earn Gold Coins.

   Kids Coins bring everything together, adding structure           as children learn good behavior.


"I Can Do It" Coins and Gold Coins

Present "I Can Do It" Coins

Choose the task(s) you want your child to complete,

and the things you want them to do to earn Gold Coins.  

Sing "I Can Do It" and "A Time For Everything"!

Direct children to look at the Coins

and choose their daily tasks and activities.



             In the morning bring out WASH TIME, DRESS TIME,                                    TEETH TIME, and HAIR TIME.

             Direct children to wash their face, get dressed,

                       brush their teeth and comb their hair.

         At noontime, bring out MEAL TIME, CLEAN UP TIME,

                      MUSIC TIME and LEARNING TIME.

           Direct children to eat their lunch, help clean up,

            play the Kids Coins CD, and learn their ABC's

            In the afternoon, bring out ARTS AND CRAFTS,



Help children make a craft, follow directions,

play a game with a sibling or friend, and put away toys.


                                 In the evening, bring out

                  STORY TIME, POTTY TIME, and BEDTIME.

       Read a story, help use the potty, and tuck them into bed.


 Ask what they would like to do next.

 Present more "I Can Do It" Coins.

               Direct them to sing The I Can Do It Song.

               Encourage them by saying, "you can do it!"

             Children will have fun playing with their Coins

and putting them in their colorful bags.

Play A Time For Everything.

  Explain "It's time to do our chores and have fun!"

Special Coins


Show your child The Try Harder Coin when child is

"acting out" inappropriately. Sing the "Try Harder" song!

If behavior continues without change,

bring out the Time Out Coin.

  Use the Helper Coin and have child perform

a Special Helper Task. After task is done,

put the Time Out Coin away and continue

                           having a great Kids Coins Day!

                      Some Suggested Special Helper Tasks:

          Help put away dishes/silverware * Clear table/Set Table  

      Sweep floor  *  Help with laundry *  Put clothes in drawer   

             Help Mommy or Daddy * Help Sister or Brother

      Show children the Winner and Good Fruits Coins            

       Reward children at the end of the day, week, or month

"Gold Coins"


         One Star, Two Star, Three Star, and Four Star Gold Coins

  are earned using "I Can Do It" Coins. 

   Help children name all the things they did in the morning.

  Explain they have earned their first Gold Coin, One Star!

Sing I See Gold Coins!

Continue this process throughout the day.

  After all four Gold Coins are earned,

give your child Goldie Five Star

                  Direct children to sing Goldie Is My Friend!

     Children look forward to earning "Goldie" everyday.

  Gold Coins can then be traded for a chosen prize.

    Children can be rewarded at the end of the day or week.


I'm Feeling Coins

     Children can earn Gold Coins by showing positive feelings

                          as activities are completed.


I'm Playing Coins

Encourage role playing and activities


Children can put on a costume, sing, dance

or play an instrument

                     •ARTIST-children can draw and color

     •COMPUTER WIZ-children can be directed to play computer

       •BASEBALL PLAYER-your child can go outdoors to play

          Maybe a child would like to be a Policeman or a Builder

              Direct the child to sing The Kitty Cat Song.

               When children sing the Kids Coins Show Me

            and imagine all the things they would like to be

                  Children can earn Gold Coins by using

               "I’m Playing" Coins and "I'm Feeling" Coins



Children are WINNERS, everyday!

Children can make their own Coins

and discover their own ways to play.

They can look at all the Coins, talk about them

and share them with their friends.

Remember to keep Kids Coins in a safe place.

Store them in their colorful bags.

  Complete the day by encouraging children

to talk about all the things they did to earn

Gold Coins, all the feelings they had,

and all the games they played.

Talk about the fun they had singing The Kids Coins Songs.

They were an actor or an actress, a dancer, a singer,

a musician, an artist, a farmer, a chef and so much more!

Sing the Good Bye Song and get ready