We at Kids Coins are dedicated to reaching the hearts of children by helping them understand and see with pictures, songs and feelings. The world is an open book ready for them to grow

in their own special ways.

Our desire is to help guide children, to be there for them when they need a helping hand. 

It is wonderfulto watch them reach their goals as we give them a pat on the back, a kiss on the cheek or a hug that says "well done, my little one!". We love to see how pleased they are to reach their goals. Happy children make happy adults, and happy adults make happy children.

The Kids Coins gift is to believe in oneself in a new way.

Thank you for the opportunity to share our gifts with your children. Have a GREAT KIDS COINS DAY!




  Kids Coins was conceived on Mothers' Day, May 11, 2003.

Our Coins and Musical Production were designed for children and adults alike

to provide a positive outlook on the day.


Kids Coins began as a vision from creator, Janet LaCroix to help children grow and learn. Her desire is

to guide, encourage and build relationships between children and adults. Her experience with

behavior challenged children inspired her to create Kids Coins. 

Janet wrote all the music, and Gary LaCroix produced, arranged, engineered, sang and

performed all instrumentation on The Kids Coins Song Collection.  Janet and Gary are

a husband and wife performance team and have three married children and five grandchildren.

Janet has written numerous songs for children and the healing of families including theme songs for

The Michigan SW Adoption and Foster Care Effort and the North Oakland Medical Center Foundation

as well as for The Michigan D.N.R. Millennium Education Project.   

Janet worked in schools for developmentally disabled children and as a health care provider for Oakland County Community Mental Health in Michigan. She has been a nanny in private homes, working with special needs and spirited children. She observed that children from all backgrounds display a need to communicate and to be understood. Her desire is to encourage with positive, non-threatening, entertaining and educational ways as we learn to cope with everyday challenges.

Mark Herrick, illustrator of Kids Coins, is known for his creation of Buck Wilder

and is the illustrator of Rock America for Edco Publishing.





Kids Coins Productions is dedicated to supporting the family. We value wholesome environments for children and uphold a nurturing learning experience. We hold high the well-being of children and value them as future citizens, parents and leaders. We promise to provide quality products and music that inspire goodness. We promise to fulfill the importance of representing positive role modeling and dedication in guiding, teaching and caring for children. We promise to inspire children to be proud of their accomplishments and to stand by them as they grow, upholding the dignity of every child no matter what their faith or background, with encouragement and praise. We dedicate ourselves and our hearts to helping children visualize their world as they learn to "See" and grow.




Picture a world of well-being and lightheartedness where children have fun learning

daily lessons that develop good habits. Take a peek into their active minds as you invite

Kids Coins into your homes and into your child's rapidly changing world.

The colorful pictures, faces and characters help open the minds of children to the

unlimited world around them. Chores can be fun and rewards are a treat!

Kids Coins help children visualize the way they feel. They love to look at the faces

and twist and turn their little mouths, noses and eyes!

"What do YOU want to be when you grow up?"

The Kids Coins colorful characters help children discover their talents.

Kids Coins bring out the HAPPY HEART in all of us!

The Happy Songs teach kids 'they can do it themselves',

There's a Time For Everything, and they can Try Harder.

The entire family can sing along with The Kids Coins Songs Collection.

Kids Coins help children in entertaining ways as they encourage positive behavior

and responsibility. A little time with Kids Coins can give children endless life experiences. 

Soon the messages of the Coins begin to appear.

The anxious child begins to calm down, the shy child discovers their talent

and a child who has had a difficult time finding their way will find happiness

and take pride in their accomplishments.

"Watch the children laugh and sing, as they plan their day.

See the wonder in their eyes, as they grow and play!

Keep an open mind and behold, what there is to see,

in the world of a child, when Kids Coins come to be!"

Come join the fun and have a GREAT Kids Coins Day!

All Rights Reserved The Kids Coins Collection 2003