Kids Music 'n' Kids Coins, a GREAT combination!


Kids Learning Game

Early Learning Kids Fun Pictures and Cards, Games, Musical Songs

Pre-School training tools and reward cards 

Kids Character and Feeling Faces

Kids Coins have been approved by The National Association of Child Development


Kids Coins are parent and teacher tools - an early child development educational learning tool for children,

Life Skills kindergarten readiness tool, children's character building and teaching tool,

children's behavior tool, family and group participation fun game and incentive tool,

preschool preparation tool,positive children's mental health tool:


For family learning, child achievement, child learning, child growth, child incentives,

teaching career education and role playing, role modeling, child motivation, emotional reinforcement,

positive behavior modification, for autistic and special needs children:


Inspires group play, daily goal winning, creative play, children's emotional awareness, feeling development,

structured play and routine development, good habits,  family/child/adult communication:


Uses inspirational children's music and children's songs, fun children's programs, tokens, pictures, characters,

I Can Do It Coins, Gold Coins, Special Coins, I'm Playing Coins, I'm Feeling Coins, and Character Coins.